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Wireless Microphone Systems

Wireless Microphone Systems transmit on different frequency bands - and before purchasing, it's important to understand what type you will need - specifically if using with existing wireless systems.  This will help avoid conflicts with other users - or other equipment at the venue.  Bands need to consider wireless in-ear monitor use too - as this would impact on available microphone channel use.   Please note that wireless transmitters have harmonic frequencies - so just having a different frequency doesn't ensure they will work together. 

VHF - 174.1-175 MHz is Licence Free in the UK - mainly budget systems, less popular now, can suffer interference / drop out
UHF - Duplex Gap 823-832MHz requires a shared licence (UK) but Licence Free in parts of Europe
UHF - Channel 70 (863-865MHz) is Licence Free in UK and most of Europe but this is limited to 2-4 systems depending on brand
UHF - Channel 38 (606-614MHz) requires a shared licence - and may be used in the UK Only- up to 10 systems may be used together depending on brand/model - so ideal for larger group / theatre / band use.
Digital (2.4GHz) - Licence Free UK and most of the rest of the world.
Licence information and pricing available from OFCOM on-line - click here: Ofcom

Please call us for more information or to discuss your application.

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