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Covid-19 Coronavirus Situation - April 2021
With Lockdown Restrictions gradually being relaxed we are working with our customers to ensure they can get back to work where possible - and maintain sound systems safely.

Staff / Personnel safety is essential - so ensuring staff are not sharing headsets windshields etc on microphones.   Social Distancing may mean adding 'remote rooms' to fitness sessions - with AV Links.    

We are providing small USB interface mixers for fitness instructors who wish to carry on remote ZOOM classes to those who are still unable to come back to Fitness Clubs/Centres.
Our on-line store is diverted to our ebay shop - to enable us to ship safely to customers in the UK and internationally.

We are still able to support you remotely - please contact us by email (if possible) or phone during normal working hours.

In the meantime - please keep safe - and follow UK Government guidelines